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Director's Message


CPL Director

Xiaoliang Sunney XIE

Thank you for your interest in Changping Laboratory!


Founded by the state, Changping Laboratory (CPL) is one of China's new type of R&D

(Research & Development) institutions, with life science as its focus. An integral component of our national science and technology strategy, CPL is tasked to addressing vital national needs, conducting strategic, visionary and fundamental research in science, technology and innovation (STI), and becoming a world-class hub for STI in life science.

Research at CPL is steered toward four Scientific Directions: emerging and major infectious diseases, neuroscience and brain-computer interface, frontier technology and fundamental science, artificial intelligence and biomedicine. For each and every Direction, we steward bold visions and unified strategies, set up fundamental R&D infrastructure, integrate resources and partnerships at the leading edge for innovation, and catalyze technological breakthroughs and actionable inventions.

President Xi Jinping once said that China's scientists and innovators should take on their historical obligations, set sights on the global frontiers of science and technology, national economic development, the major needs of the country, and the health and safety of the people, and continue to expand the breadth and depth of science and technology. At CPL, our only yardstick of success is the measurable and deliverable impact of our work on the nation's productive powers, economic prosperity, and the health and wellbeing of our citizens. CPL is dedicated to establishing an intersectional powerhouse, bringing forth both “0 to 1” fundamental breakthroughs and “1 to 10” technological transformations, joining forces with our partners in academia, higher education, healthcare, and industry to create a rich and dynamic life science innovation ecosystem.

Talent is the wellspring of innovation. CPL strives to be a magnet for leading scientists throughout the world, empowering them with all-rounded support to take on challenges not feasible to pursue in conventional environments. We are also committed to cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and nurturing environment to unleash the full potential of the trailblazers of tomorrow. We look forward to the best and brightest minds who aspire to challenge and be challenged to joining us at CPL.

CPL is becoming a world-class innovative engine in the field of life science, thanks to the tireless dedications of our current cohort of leading scientists and research teams, and also unreserved support from the state and municipal governments, partner institutions, and collaborating universities, hospitals, and corporations. CPL shall actively engage with scientists both local and global, leveraging the collective power of discovery and innovation to sustain an open and healthy ecosystem for life science research, making our mark as a Chinese institution for the betterment of the world.