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Celebrating DNA Double Helix's 70th at CPL's 3rd Anniversary——Video Archive


The international symposium celebrating DNA Double Helix's 70th at CPL's 3rd Anniversary was held in Beijing on Oct 22-23. The videos are now available as follows.

Opening Ceremony

Children's Chorus - “You Raise Me Up”

CPL Documentary

Welcome Remarks by Sunney Xie, CPL Director

Special Remarks by James Watson

Historical Session

Documentary - Discovery of DNA Double Helix

Shankar Balasubramanian

Cambridge DNA

Tom Maniatis

Harvard, the Cold Spring Harbor Lab and Caltech

Maoyen Chi

China's Life Science after DNA Double Helix

Panel Discussion (Sunney Xie, Tom Maniatis, Shankar Balasubramanian, Maoyen Chi)

DNA Sequencing

Shankar Balasubramanian:

DNA: What is it Telling us?

Hagan Bayley:

Nanopores: DNA Sequencing and Beyond

Yanyi Huang:

Fluorogenic DNA Sequencing

Gene Editing

Feng Zhang:

Exploration of Biological Diversity to Improve Human Health

Wensheng Wei:

Gene Editing and Beyond

Central Dogma

Sunney Xie:

The Central Dogma Choreography: Regulation of Gene Modules via Transcription Factor Combinations

Yanhui Xu:

Structural Insights into Transcription Initiation

Hisao Masai:

Transcription can Drive DNA Replication

Hisao Masai

Xiangdong Fu:

RNA: Beyond a Message from DNA to Protein

DNA and Immunology

Fred Alt:

The Fundamental Mechanistic Roles of Chromatin Loop Extrusion in Antibody Gene Diversification

Tak Wah Mak:

Neuro-immune Modulations in Health and Diseases

Zhijian “James” Chen:

The Dark Side of DNA - How the Immune System Senses DNA as a Danger Signal

Feng Shao:

Pyroptosis: From Antibacterial Immunity to Antitumor Immunity

Robert Langer:

From Nanotechnology to mRNA Vaccines

Celebration Banquet

Live Sand Painting Performance of DNA Double Helix 70

Guest Reflections (Tom Maniatis, Feng Shao, Shankar Balasubramanian, Fred Alt, Dennis Lo, James Chen, Don Cleveland, Sunney Xie)


Anjana Rao:

Mutations in Clonal Hematopoiesis Compromise Heterochromatin Integrity

Anjana Rao

Yi Zhang:

5mC Oxidation and Beyond

Guoliang Xu:

Biological Modifications of DNA Cytosine Base

Guoliang Xu

Yiqin Gao:

Relating Cell State Dependent Methylation to the DNA Sequence and 3D Genome


Fuchou Tang:

Single Cell Omics Sequencing Technologies: The Third Generation

William Greenleaf:

Exploring the Physical Genome

Bing Ren:

Unlocking the Genome's Regulatory Code

Long Cai:

Spatial Genomics

Genomic Medicine

Xiaodong Wang:

Dissecting Biochemical Pathways of Regulated Cell Death

Dennis Lo

Creating a Paradigm Shift in Prenatal Diagnostics using Circulating DNA

Jie Qiao

Searching for Keys from the Genome: Thirty Years of PGT

Zemin Zhang

Tumor Heterogeneity at the Microenvironment Level and its Implication in Personalized Immunotherapy

Yunlong Cao

Broad-spectrum SARS-CoV-2 Therapeutics and Prophylactics designed based on Viral Evolution Prediction

Genomic Neurobiology and Technology

Tom Maniatis

The Protocadherin Gene Cluster: A Bar Code Generator for Single Neuron Self-Recognition in the Mammalian Brain

Don Cleveland

Designer DNA Drug Therapy for Neurodegenerative Disease

Joseph Ecker

What Lies Above? Mapping the Human Brain Epigenome

Xiaoqun Wang

Human Brain Genomics: A Journey through Development, Evolution and Disease

Hesheng Liu

Advances in Functional Brain Imaging Technology

Closing Remarks

Sunney Xie