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Global Talent Gathering for Innovation | Changping Laboratory Recruiting Overseas High-Level Talents


I. About Us

Founded in October 2020, Changping Laboratory (CPL) is one of China's new type of R&D (Research & Development) institutions, located in Zhongguancun Life Science Park, Beijing. As an integral component of the national science and technology strategy, CPL concentrates on life sciences, addressing the major needs of the country. Focusing on areas such as genomic medicine, immune diagnosis and treatment, advanced imaging and intervention, CPL conducts upstream cutting-edge technology research and development in mechanism exploration, screening diagnosis, and intervention treatment, aiming to build a world-class innovation hub in life sciences. We now sincerely invite global talents to join us!


 The core zone of CPL will be completed and begin operation in 2025

II. Recruitment Targets

(1) Leading Scientists: Possessing a Ph.D. degree, holding positions equivalent to associate professor or above in well-known overseas universities or research institutions, or holding senior positions in internationally renowned enterprises. They should have achieved significant international influence in their professional fields, possess leadership capabilities, and have the potential to break through major scientific frontiers.

(2) Young Scientists: Holding a Ph.D. degree, aged not exceeding 40 years old (born after January 1, 1984), having worked continuously for more than 3 years in formal positions in well-known overseas universities, research institutions, or corporate research institutions, and having achieved a certain level of influence in their professional fields with the potential for independent development. Candidates who have obtained their Ph.D. degree overseas may have the work experience requirement appropriately relaxed.

Nationality is not limited for applicants, but they should not have been employed full-time in China before applying, or returned to China after January 1, 2023. Once hired, they are required to resign from their overseas positions and work full-time in CPL for no less than 3 years. Particularly outstanding individuals may have their academic qualifications, age, years of work experience, and other conditions relaxed appropriately.


III. Required Disciplines

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Immunology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Neurobiology, Biomedical Engineering, Developmental Biology, Radiology, Clinical Medicine, Computer Science and Technology, Bioinformatics, Organic Chemistry, Imaging Medicine and Nuclear Medicine, Physics, Pharmacology, Virology, etc.


V. Resource Support

To enable scientists to devote themselves to scientific research, we will provide comprehensive, full-chain, and professional research support and talent services, including but not limited to:

(1) Research Support

1. Funding Support: Leading Scientists will be provided with initial research funding of no less than 15-25 million RMB for the first 5 years. Young Scientists will be provided with initial research funding of no less than 7.5-10 million RMB for the first 5 years.

Providing sufficient and stable funding support. Additional funding will be provided as needed for tasks. In addition, recipients of high-level scholars projects can receive national research funding support of up to 3 million RMB.

2. Team Support: Assisting in building research teams and recruiting talents. Supporting joint training of Ph.D. student with top domestic universities and recruitment of postdoctoral researchers.

3. Research Conditions: Providing sufficient office and laboratory space for research, and equipping world-class experimental facilities and technical platforms.

4. Professional Services: providing support from professional technical and management teams, providing full-chain services from fundamental research to technology transfer.

(2) Career Development

1. Development Path: Setting clear Scientists career development paths in accordance with international standards, conducting talent evaluation based on contributions and abilities, and allowing exceptional promotions for those who achieve significant impact or practical research results.

2. High-end Platforms: Providing platforms for leading national major research tasks based on individual research expertise. Supporting outstanding young talents to independently lead key projects and play major roles in collaborative research. Facilitate rapid talent development and cultivate cutting-edge talents.

3. Project Support: The laboratory has autonomous review rights and recommendation channels for national and Beijing municipal high-level scholar projects, providing strong full-chain support and services for scientists’ development after returning to China.

 (3)  Compensation and Benefits

1. Competitive Salary: Offering internationally competitive salaries, which can be further negotiated for particularly outstanding individuals.

2. Technology Transfer Incentives: Implementing result-oriented incentive distribution mechanisms based on actual contributions.

3. Welfare Benefits: Providing social insurance, housing provident fund, pension, and additional benefits such as accident insurance, critical illness allowance fund, supplementary medical insurance, children's medical insurance, and high-standard annual health examination.

4. Housing: Providing conveniently-located and well-equipped talent apartments.

5. Supporting Services: Assisting eligible individuals in applying for Beijing household registration in accordance with relevant policies, and addressing needs such as children's education, spouse employment, and work permits for foreign talents.

About Changping Laboratory

As an integral component of our national science and technology strategy, Changping Laboratory has always upheld the spirit of "leading, seeking truth, taking responsibility, and dedication". In the past three years since its establishment, CPL has achieved a series of significant innovative results. At the same time, CPL has always adhered to the people-oriented principle, striving to create a research environment that respects talents, encourages innovation, and is inclusive and open, providing a broad stage for scientists to display their talents. We sincerely invite global talents to join us in writing a new chapter in the field of life sciences in the new era!

 (I) High-Quality Scientific Research Achievements

Currently, "technology-driven" has become an important development paradigm in the global biomedical field, and disruptive technologies have brought about significant transformations in the field of life sciences.  CPL adheres to technology-driven innovation, develops leading-edge underlying technologies, organizes superior scientific and technological forces to conduct joint research, and accelerates the transfer of major research achievements. Many achievements have been transferred to well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.

Examples of some achievements:

  1. Conducting SARS-CoV-2 Omicron subvariant immune-evasion characterization, RBD evolution pattern prediction, and broad-spectrum neutralizing antibody drug development. Related results have been reported by more than 200 foreign media;

    资源 7.png

2. Collaboratively developing world-leading protein structure prediction tools, with performance surpassing AlphaFold2, filling the gap in domestic artificial intelligence software and hardware in related fields.

资源 8.png

3. For the first time in China, combining fragmentomics analysis with plasma DNA significant methylation sites, developing high-sensitivity and high-specificity cancer early screening technology and constructing a large-scale database.

资源 9.png


(II) High-Level Cultivation of Young Talents

Young people are the future of innovation. CPL attaches great importance to cultivating young scientists, empowering those with strong abilities and potential to lead major research tasks, encouraging them to question and challenge. Nearly one third of the project leaders in CPL are young talents. Among them, Dr. Cao Yunlong, aged only 33, has made significant contributions to predicting the evolution trend of the COVID-19 virus and was selected as one of "Nature's 10" in 2022. CPL has recruited more than 50 outstanding young talents with overseas experience and has received funding support from national and Beijing municipal scholar programs more than 20 times.



(III) High-Standard International Exchanges

International exchanges are essential for promoting the development of life sciences. CPL adheres to a global perspective and an open mind to deepen international exchanges and cooperation. In October 2023, CPL successfully hosted the "International Scientific Symposium to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the discovery of DNA's double helix structure ". James Watson, the only living discoverer of the DNA double helix structure and Nobel laureate , delivered a congratulatory speech via video. 32 top international experts in life medicine, including winners of various top awards such as the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences and the Lasker Award, gave excellent presentations, arousing strong responses in related areas. CPL regularly holds high-standard international conferences and organizes various forms of international academic exchanges, providing a high-end platform for scientific cooperation.

Resume Submission

Interested candidates should submit their application materials to cplhr01@cpl.ac.cn before May 10, 2024. Please download the application materials checklist. Please indicate "Name + Overseas Talent Application" in the email subject. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at cplhr01@cpl.ac.cn or click the link https://application.cpl.ac.cn to fill in the “Changping Laboratory Recruitment Basic Information Form”, and we will contact you promptly.  You can also contact Ms. Shao Huanhuan via +86 18516968238 (same number as WeChat).

For applicants who meet the requirements for applying for relevant high-level scholar projects in 2024, we will assist in preparing application materials and provide comprehensive consulting services.

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