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Highly sensitive bioaerosol nucleic acid detection system for Winter Olympics


Collaborators: Tsinghua University, Peking University (Maosheng YAO’s group), Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Developed Bioaerosol Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Detection System for Public Spaces.

Portable aerosol sampler: air flow rate at 400 L/min, cut-off size of 0.58 μm, high virial collection efficiency.

Integrated, highly sensitive COVID-19 nucleic acid detector: Using microfluidic platform combined with new nucleic acid extraction and amplification techniques, it pushes limit of detection (LoD) to 20 cp/mL, improves detection sensitivity by 10 times than qPCR and takes less than 40 mins to complete an automatic bioaerosol test in closed areas.

A must-have for High-tech Winter Olympics, ensuring a safe Olympic Game.

20 detectors set up at sampling sites in Main Media Centre (MMC) for Beijing 2022 Olympic Games and CPL.

152 aerosol samplers placed inside the closed loop of 17 Olympic venues.

8177 samples tested, including 20 positive results.

Conducted contact tracing at contaminated venues; all improvement suggestions on prevention and control measures were accepted. 

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